Goldbaum Consulting specialises in the trade of high quality products and raw materials at international level.
We focus on vintage jewellery in art deco/art nouveau style and we also provide loose stones.

About us

pay to: admin@goldbaumconsulting.com

When it comes to buying stones and jewellery, the trickiest part to making educated decisions is the ability to evaluate the value of the item prior to a purchase. This is the reason why hiring our consulting firm is interesting for you.


Hiring us means that:


  • You won’t get misled by a salesperson that only cares about making a commission of a sale. You pay us for our time or for the project itself. That´s all.


  • You get to see indepth and objective information about the item you want. Don’t believe that? Try visiting your local store and see if you get our level of details and prices from your jeweler.


  • Better selections and range of inventory. We have contacts world-wide!  


  • We do not need to pay high insurances for keeping the stones safe, since we obtain them directly from the providers (India, Thailand, etc.) and get them for you, keeping the prices affordable.


In short, you are not paying us for the item, you are paying us for the service.


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